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Adaptive surfing is much more than a sport, it is a lifestyle that combines personal and corporal well-being, care and enjoyment of nature and a challenge in each wave.

Adaptive surfing can be practiced by people with all types of disabilities  or reduced mobility, and like surfing, to learn  is necessary to take classes.

Depending on the interest of each one, you can take classes of 2 hours, half a day or a whole day, and the more time you have to learn the better it will be. If you like swimming and being in the sea, we recommend taking at least 2 hours of classes, we have no doubts that you are going to want more.

In Turismo Acessivel  we work with foundations and adaptive surf schools so that your experience of learning to surf is the best, providing advice and working with specialized instructors.

This sport also allows full contact with nature, the beach and the sea in a unique way.

In Brazil, adaptive surfing  is growing every year. The Non profitable organization  Adaptasurf operates in the city of Rio de Janeiro, which offers free adaptive surf lessons every weekend. Adaptasurf is without no doubt an example in Brazil and the world when it comes to adaptive surfing.

In Florianópolis in southern Brazil and Arraial do Cabo near Rio de Janeiro we work with private schools that prepare adaptive surf lessons according to the tastes and needs of our passengers.

There are no excuses, we  all can learn to surf regardless of the condition of each one of us, that's why we invite you to meet this new lifestyle that will surely change the way you live.


The program varies and is created according to each surfer. At least we recommend starting with 2 or 3 hours to have an initiation to surfing. Depending on your vacation and what you want to allocate, we put together a nice program so that you can surf the waves safely, comfortably and accompanied by professionals.


I don't have clothes and equipment?

No problem, it is not necessary to buy a board, wetsuit, or anything, all the equipment comes with the surf lessons.

How is the accessibility on the beach?

Depending on where you practice, accessibility varies. In any case, you do not have to worry about accessibility on the beach, due to  in addition to the surfboard we have amphibious chairs and other equipment.

Another doubt?

Send us an email to that we will gladly answer you and put together a program so that you can learn to surf.

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